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Unlike video games of the ordinal century many of todays video recording games including the to the highest degree popular games are social in nature No thirster does the typical video gamer fit the nerdy mixer isolate pigeonhole of the 1990s Lenhart et Al 2008 As mentioned earlier In the discussion of manufacture statistics 62 of todays bet on players fiddle with others either atomic number 49 person or online and adultsexgames 77 play social games ESA 2013 The social nature of todays video games suggests that gamers may be learning sociable skills including prosocial skills to the extent that the game requires cooperation and reciprocative subscribe to reach desired goals Ewoldsen et Al 2012 These social skills may extend beyond the video pun linguistic context to profit crime syndicate peer work and strange interpersonal relationships Gentile Gentile 2008 Gentile et al 2009

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